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What Passed Clients Have Said

Family Law - Employment - Civil Claims

Expert Assistance at a Fraction of Solicitor Costs

Disclosure of information relating to Family Court proceedings outside of the rules is a serious matter and can result in a fine and/or imprisonment. For that reason we are extremely cautious about publishing in full letters of thanks and/or recommendation we receive which might breach those rules. Any item which may help identify cases are removed, this include, names, locations and dates.

Assisting in a Non-Molestation matter......


You were brilliant you made me feel so at ease and the way you dealt with her barrister was so professional I just cannot thank you enough. 

You have not heard the last of  me yet, as I know we shall be returning to court.

Thank you


Ed was approached by a Father to assist in a Child Arrangements matter, on conclusion he wrote;

I can’t thank you enough for the hard work and time you put in to helping me with my case. Your advice changed my outlook on life as a person, let alone the butterfly affect ( sorry for the bad description) and I am sure achieve the result we did.

You taught me a lot through our discussions and I have found that fundamentally you are a great life coach. In essence - I thank you for everything you have done in helping everyone in my position. 


Ed was approached by a qualified solicitor to assist in his own Family Law matter. His practices is a different area of law and felt he was too close emotionally to deal with his own Family case. Ed was asked to assist and within a very short time frame Ed produced a position statement for an impending hearing.


Hi Ed

I received your statement, and I can only say it was outstanding. To have grasped my case in such a short time and the clarity and support you have provided is outstanding. I honestly thought I would have to be re-writing my statement, but no, you certainly have a natural gift in the way it is written. I can see the benefit already. I cannot thank you enough ...........

Solicitor Client

The following Feedback was received following a Special Guardianship matter:

From Counsel based in chambers at Temple, London. (June 2018) who represented another party in the same matter.......

Good afternoon Ed

Further to our meeting this morning, I just wanted to reiterate in writing how impressed I was and how I will definitely be referring clients to you as and when.


It's never been an option for me to do so before, but having now met you, I will definitely bear you in mind.


Warm regards

I cannot express how pleased I was to use Ed. I had instructed a solicitor and barrister previously which cost a fortune, but in honesty never inspired me.

When I rang Ed, straight away he put me at ease, he led me through the process and was far more informative than the barrister had ever been.

I was extremely nervous about going to court, but all along Ed was there to reassure me and support me. I know without his help I would have really struggled.

At court, he was simply a rock, supporting me all the way. What’s more his predictions of the process came good and I got the best out of my situation.

Be it from advice and help on the process, paperwork or confidence, his statements were brilliant. Ed was just an amazing top bloke! without whom I know I would not have coped. Ed, I cannot thank you enough and if your thinking about a McKenzie then do not hesitate to use Ed. I cannot speak highly enough of him. Ed thank so very much for all your help.


I am very satisfied with Ed Jonson's help and support in dealing with my difficult Court Case.


He is very professional and efficient and guided me through what I have found to be a difficult case having to deal with the problems and obstacles i was facing.


I will definitely ask for help again if needed.


Many thanks.


I found Ed's calm, "sound" approach and his attention to detail very helpful Thank you for your response at such short notice.


(This was to assist the appellant at a matter at The Court of Appeal)

Hi Ed,


Thank you for all your help. From the moment I contacted you I felt like I was in safe hands. From the moment you started working on my case you showed the highest level of experience and knowledge and made me feel at ease. I can’t thank you enough for today’s support and experience. I would definitely use your services again and recommend your work with the confidence that anyone in your care is safeguarded. Your calming approach gave me the confidence I needed in the court room.

Thank you again for everything.



Hi Ed,


I just want to take this opportunity to say a Big Thank You for all your help and support, during what transpired, through no fault of ours, to be a very long process.

When a relationship between parents breaks down, it inevitably results in strained finances, and without legal aid, people like myself are often left to flounder in a confusing legal world. You were an infinite source of knowledge and guidance, at a time I needed it most, from my initial inquiry through to you attending the numerous court hearings with me as a McKenzie Friend.

You were incredibly passionate, professional and supportive in everything you did, constantly finding resolution to difficulties I could often see no answer to.

Above all, you always considered my child, not just as a person with feelings, but the impact decisions within these proceedings would have upon her. Reflecting back, it is easy as a parent in conflict, to allow a child to become an object of arguments, however your approach ensured this whole matter remained balanced and child centric.

I know I couldn't have resolved all the issues presented by this case without your valuable help and support. The goal-posts were constantly being moved, but you quickly identified the key issues for me, allowing us to achieve a final outcome beyond my wildest expectation. Without doubt, your invaluable support helped me to understand the process far better and improved my access to justice.

I cannot thank you enough and would recommend you without hesitation to anyone who finds themselves faced with family issues.

Parent X

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