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Our Fees

Expert Assistance at a Fraction of Solicitor Costs

Our Fees

Free Initial Consultation:

Our initial consultation, up to 30 minutes, will always be free, usually this will be by telephone, email or Skype but we are also happy to meet by appointment when necessary.

All fees are payable in advance  - see terms & conditions for full details.

No VAT is charged on our fees.

McKenzie Friend Law Support:


Standard Rate:                 £80.00 per hour

Emails:                             Min 15 minutes


Text Messaging:               Min 15 minutes

Attending Court:

Half Day:                         £200.00 + Travel

Full Day:                          £350.00 + Travel

Travel Time:                      £10.00 per hour  

Transport:                        At Cost / 0.45p per mile

Typical Solicitor / Barrister Fees


Standard Rate:                 £200 - 350 per hour

Emails:                              From £25


Text Messaging:                From £50

Court Half Day:                 £1000 - £3000

Court Full Day:                  £2500 - £6000

Travel Time:                      £150 + per hour  

Transport:                          Variable

Whilst we cannot predict how any case will develop we will always

try to be open and transparent with our fees and keep you fully informed of progress.

* MFLS Ltd Reserves the right to vary these charges in complex or highly contentious matters which require more detailed documentation. Any such amendment to charges will be discussed prior to work commencing.

All fees quoted are exclusive of any court fees or application fees due and payable.

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